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Procurement Service

TBTL offers procurement services for her customers in respect of resins, electronic production materials and steel materials, so as to lower the customer’s cash flow requirements at the pre-production stage. The supply chain management solutions traditionally offered by logistics services companies normally involve the actual procurement of production materials by the customers themselves, and the logistics services companies will arrange for the storage of these production materials in warehouses and the just-in-time delivery thereof in accordance with the customers'''' production requirements. Nevertheless, in order to ensure that there will be sufficient production materials to meet the production requirements and to hedge the risk of price fluctuations or shortage of supplies, customers will normally need to purchase the requisite production materials with sufficient lead time, thus they will need to incur costs on purchasing production materials before such production materials are actually used for production. TBTL’s procurement services guarantee the customers with sufficient supplies of production materials ahead of their production plan without exposing themselves to the risk of price fluctuation of materials and reduce the customers’ pre-production cash flow requirements for bulk purchasing the production materials required.

The processer of procurement service solutions are as follows:

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